What we do

Project Objectives

BLUE CROWDFUNDING aims at improving and enhancing knowledge and capacities about crowdfunding in the MED area. In particular, its objective is to improve innovation capacities in the blue growth sector by mainstreaming the use of crowdfunding - particularly addressing the following blue economy fields: blue energy, maritime safety, maritime transport, maritime tourism, fisheries and aquaculture.

In other words, roject ambition is to trigger change from using public funds for innovation to use crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to fund, test and validate innovative blue economy products and services. Consequently blue-economy SMEs will get better access to funding and will be able to deliver better and more innovative solutions.

In order to do so, in the first phase it will select and adapt learning materials from Interreg Central CROWD-FUND-PORT project and Interreg MED FINMED, brought in thanks to the Slovenian LP e-Zavod and PP6 Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who were coordinator/partner in those projects.

In a second phase, the project will select and train SMEs active within the blue economy sector from the target countries. Thanks to this capacity building, these firms will be able to understand and apply CF for the establishment of innovative projects and market solutions. In fact, this will lead to the launch of several CF campaigns, with the aim of delivering successful business results.

In parallel, the project will allow for the creation of the first Transnational blue-crowdfunding cluster with developed CF services. In other words, it will be a network of reference of competent bodies and institutions providing for ad-hoc services and information about crowdfunding and alternative finance, specifically addressing blue economy businesses.

In this way, BLUE CROWDFUNDING will contribute to a more stable and reliable knowledge about crowdfunding in the MED area, supporting and mainstreaming policy change and recognition of using civic crowdfunding across Europe and specifically in the target Regions.

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Project Deliverables / Results
1. Capacity building of blue economy SMEs on how to use CF
2. Transnational blue-crowdfunding cluster with developed CF services
3. Mainstreaming the international CF trainings in business support institutions
4. Mainstreaming policy change and recognition of using civic crowdfunding in regions