OYSTERWORLD III_ok - Interview



The choice of crowdfunding over other types of funding:

Crowdfunding was a more flexible solution to our financing needs. For companies with a short track record (such as ours) or that operate in a somewhat unique sector (aquaculture), the traditional financing methods do not always come through.


What contributed the crowdfunding campaign beyond financing:

Above all, crowdfunding has the bonus of divulging the company (activity and products) to a large number of individuals who, under normal circumstances, would not be aware of it. They, in turn, share this information with acquaintances which results in even more publicity.


The challenge of communication in this crowdfunding campaign:

They made questions and answers in blogs, small videos explaining the activity and the product and photos of the investments carried out with the funding provided.


And as remarkable conclusions about the value of the experience of doing a crowdfunding campaign they point out:

The fact that you can watch the financing evolving online is very stimulating. You end up sharing that information with acquaintances which, in turn, helps spread the word, so there is an unintentional marketing action on your behalf. The most remarkable conclusion is that crowdfunding generates a great deal of free publicity.