The choice of crowdfunding over other types of funding:

“We did it for three reasons. The first is that some of the equipment that we bought was difficult to finance through a Bank loan, which did not consider the equipment to be an eligible collateral. The second was to diversify our debt sources, in order to avoid over-reliance on a single source. The third was to leverage the communication impact of the crowdlending campaign to promote our company as a sustainable way of feeding the human population, in line with the UN SDG”

What contributed the crowdfunding campaign beyond financing:

“Mainly, it reduced the dependency on banking credit and increased the awareness of our company as a sustainable business

The challenge of communication in this crowdfunding campaign:

“We wrote an article about the benefits of offshore shellfish farming that was placed in our company website, shared in our LinkedIn and reshared by some of our team members. GoParity did additional communication through their LinkedIn page, Facebook ads, etc”

And as remarkable conclusions about the value of the experience of doing a crowdfunding campaign they point out:

“It pays off to invest in good communication materials that enable the potential investors to gain trust on the debt issuer ability to repay the loan. These materials can be photos, videos, articles explaining how we’re going to address the technical and business challenges and a notion of the company's financial strength”.