The Chamber of Commerce of Seville hosted the 1st Regional Training for SMEs on blue crowdfunding

On September 17th the Chamber of Commerce of Seville in cooperation with Goteo Foundation held the 1st On-line Training Program for SME on Blue Crowdfunding.

The session started with an overall presentation of the Blue Crowdfunding Project and the opportunities crowdfunding may provide to SMEs as an alternative financial instrument. The webinar aimed at providing SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs with guidance on basic aspects involved in crowdfunding and their diverse types or categories. Emphasis was made on ways of operating crowdfunding campaigns as well as on the positive results and advantages that SMEs can obtain.

This first webinar was held in Spanish and gathered over 30 participants. The session was highly participative. Participants raised questions and generated a wide and enriching debate and discussion.

The session ended with the invitation to the open call to participants for submission of potential blue crowdfunding projects.

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