Presentation of the Blue Crowdfunding Project at the Academy for Young Local Politicians

On June 5th Gaetano Di Palo (Fondazione IFEL Campania) member of the project working-team of Regione Campania, presented the Blue Crowdfunding initiative to the students of the Training Camp of the Academy for Young Local Politicians during a Seminar held in Napoli and devoted to “Environment, Territory and Energy”.

Mr. Di Palo, Dean of the Academy – a school of the National Association of the Municipalities operating since 2012 – described in detail the major Project objectives, actions and activities, the project partners and the main outputs and schedule of operations. He also outlined the principal financial and legal features of a Crowdfunding operation, explaining its possible declinations, such as Donation, Reward, Lending and Equity, as well as other blended solutions. He also showed cases and Crowdfunding Portals, commenting hosting and all necessary services they offer to run a fund raising campaign, and the visual and marketing policies necessary for a successful funding.

Being his students mayors, deputy mayors, city councilors and city managers, he placed particular emphasis on Civic Crowdfunding as an additional tool for carrying out municipal policies, pointing out both opportunities and possible drawbacks normally implied by the operation.

At the end of the presentation he invited the students to attend the upcoming Quadruple Helix online Workshop scheduled by Regione Campania for June 9th afternoon, so to benefit of their active and proactive participation and suggestions.