Last 9th June Regione Campania held online the Quadruple Helix Workshop

Wednesday 9th June Regione Campania, in collaboration with Fondazione IFEL Campania, held online the Quadruple Helix Workshop on using crowdfunding in Regional Development Strategies. The aim was to set up a space of consultation with stakeholders from the world of local authorities, businesses in the Blue Economy sector, university and research and civil society.

Ms. Rosa Maria Sciotto, Ms. Carmela Cotrone and Mr. Gaetano Di Palo, members of the “Blue Crowdfunding” project working-team of Regione Campania, presented the main aspects of the Project "Blue Crowdfunding": its objectives, actions and activities related, its partners and main outputs and the schedule of operations, plus they went through the essential features of the upcoming “Call for Ideas" - currently under preparation - to stimulate attendees’ active participation.

All participants were then warmly invited to give their impressions and suggestions, considering their own understanding and knowledge, so to gather ideas concerning the selection of pilot actions. The representatives of civil society and research showed particular interest into the project:  Professor Moschera (University of Naples “Parthenope) and member of CoNISMa, stated that he would support the visibility of the project within the research centres in which it operates and involving all his students. Mr. Antonio Ravo, (Research Department of the Campania Region), pointed out that many businesses in the region would be happy to sponsor a civic crowdfunding campaign for free, if only to gain more visibility, yet – he declared –an excellent communication plan is needed to this purpose. Prof. Mangoni, (Professor of Marine Ecology at Federico II University and member of CoNISMa), confirmed the strong commitment of her Consortium in supplying scientific assistance as technical partner of the project. Mr. Gallozzi, (Italian Environmental Association Legambiente), stressed the strong necessity to give a more precise mission to the pilot actions so to grant a multiplicity of donors to support civic crowdfunding campaigns. He also listed several possible civic projects that should be taken into consideration. Mr. Parente (President of the National Association of Italian Christian Workers ACLI) said that he would undertake among his associates a survey to help to provide an overview of possible initiatives to be funded via the Blue Crowdfunding project. Prof. Lubrano of the University of Salerno, suggested to narrow the range of possible pilot actions as he feels that it is appropriate to concentrate efforts on a specific area of interest of the Blue Economy in order to obtain scalable results that can be improved over time.

Ms. Cotrone recognised the importance of the consultation process developed during the workshop which provided to all the regional working-team food for thought. Finally, Ms. Rosa Sciotto, thanked everyone for their active participation and recommended to keep following next steps of the Blue Crowdfunding, on both Blue Crowdfunding project’s website and on the Campania Region Portal.