EFRI hosts the 1st series of BLUE CF worskshops - ONLINE !

Within the framework of project's training and information activities foreseen as capacity-buildings for the blue economy stakeholders, EFRI organizes and offers 3 online and free workshops for the Croatian-speaking public.

The title "Crowdfunding and the blue economy: what is community-based funding and how it can be used in the BLUE sector" gathers 3 different dates, addressing each a specific category :

  • Tuesday, 23/06 - 11h30-13h : STUDENTS
  • Thursday, 25/06 - 15h-16h30 : BUSINESS COMMUNITY
  • Friday, 26/06 - 11h30-13h : LOCAL GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES

The University of Rijeka's Faculty of Economics and Business will rely on the expert Anita Pribanić to hold and moderate the three workshops. The lecturer will deepen and explore alternative finance following some definite strands: crowdfunding basics, campaigning implementation, tools and resources. Several examples of best practices will also be presented, in order to make the audience aware of the potential of alternative finance for the blue growth.

The number of participants is limited - all interested can apply here. More info on the EFRI FB page !

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