Blue Economy makes Europe greener, stronger and healthier !

2020 Blue Economy Report: Blue sectors contribute to the recovery and pave way for EU Green Deal

The blue economy will help us come out of this crisis stronger, healthier, more resilient and more sustainable.

This is the clear message delivererd by European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius launching the 2020 Blue Economy Report, released the 11 June 2020 and available here. His opening words underlined not only the overall importance of the blue economy for a stronger EU growth, but also the relevance of blue bio-economy sectors such as maritime renewable energy, sustainable coastal and maritime tourism for the success of the Green Deal.

The report provide for a certain source of scientific information on the areas for priority action and valuable insights into the economic performance of European marine activities in general. Remarkably,it also addresses the environmental dimension of the blue economy in detail - stressing, in these regards, the correlation between sustainable fishing and positive economic performance. The data and figures therein contained, confirm the need to support the blue growth initiative kicked off in 2017, while showing that the marine environment is now a great host for an increasing number of emerging, innovative sectors that contribute to implement the Green Deal - such as marine renewable energy, that will guarantee up to 50% of EU electricity from offshore sources by 2020. This confirms the successful results ofsome key EU investments, such as the European Fund for Strategic Investments, which has fueled offshore wind projects with over €1.4 billion. Undeniably, the lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic sevrely affected sectors such as coastal and marine tourism, as well as fisheries and aquaculture. Nonetheless, the whole industry is still in good health, with a turnover of €750 billion in 2018 and a remarkable increase in job places, reaching the amount of 5 million people working in the blue economy sector (+11,6% compared to the year before).

The publication is flanked by a number of side-resources, such as the Blue Indicators Online Dashborard, a tool including tables and charts to precisely frame the performance of the 6 sectors taken into account for the report : Coastal Tourism, Marine living resources, Marine non-living resources, Port activities, Shipbuilding and repair and Maritime transport.