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AdriBatHic bath salts is made with local ingredient aromas with origin of 4 different flavours with a limited edition series of sea-fennel, a remarkable plant that is incredible to your skin.

Have you ever been to Adriatic? Felt the peace of sea, smells, sounds? Loved the summer vibe?

Can you imagine taking part of that feeling to your home bath?

We created the almost perfect solution for it.

AdriBatHic salt is collected in the most northern salt pans in Mediterranean, inside a natural protected reserve Natura 2000 park Seča Salina with 700 years of salt collecting tradition.

The Sečovlje salt pans are the northernmost still functioning salt pans in the Mediterranean area and one of the few salt pans in the world where salt is produced after several centuries-old processes originating from at least the 14th century. Their speciality is that the salt pan workers cultivate petola at the bottom of the crystallization ponds. This is a biosediment which prevents the sea mud merging with the salt and gives the salt numerous microelements and minerals necessary for the human organism. It is cultivated completely through natural crystallization using their bare hands, and the tools and procedures of their ancestors.

They use a mix of Salt and Salt flower that is enriched with selected unique local ingredients: olive oil, honey and aromas as sea fennel, lavender, citruses and more. We add some sparkles with use of sodium.

All the ingredients are mixed for a perfect balance of enjoyment, enriched with selected music playlists available in the app. Tender to your skin, soothing to your mind, fulfilling for your senses. You can memorize the feelings in memories in your mindfulness journal.

Production is environment friendly with respect for tradition and latest science learnings. Packaging is sustainable - paper bags made of residual olive mass, fully recyclable and FSC certified.

This is also an excellent gift or an opportunity to enrich your store. We offer several branding options, cobranding included. Learn full story on, fulfilment supported by and