Regione Campania organises the Co-creation Workshop for Legal consideration on Civic Crowdfunding

Regione Campania, together with its in-house Foundation IFEL Campania, is organising a Co-creation Workshop for Legal considerations on Civic Crowdfunding, aimed at informing and training regional administration executives and officers on the use of Civic Crowdfunding in the Blue Economy industry

The Workshop will be held online on Monday - May 17 at 14.30, presenting the INTERREG-MED Project “Blue Crowdfunding”, its aims, actions, activities and main outputs and deliverables.

Crowdfunding and Match-funding issues will be addressed, and special emphasis will be placed on their legal, financial and operational aspects. Furthermore several successful Civic Crowdfunding practices and web platforms will be shown and commented in order to stimulate debate and eventually to draw valuable reflection and considerations for the following two co-creation workshops already scheduled for the end of May.

For those who are willing to participate they will be welcomed at:

Meeting ID : 922 8096 6142 - Passcode: 336934