On May 13th, local authorities, professionals and stakeholders meet with the Blue Crowdfunding Cluster experts in Napoli to discuss crowdfunding and match-funding issues and opportunities.

The Workshop, a fundamental part of the capitalisation process of the Interreg-MED Blue Crowdfunding Project, will be an extremely interesting moment for assessment and ascertainment of the necessary conditions and requisites combined with appropriate capacity building paths, to put into action an enriched set of financial tools (including crowdfunding and march-funding) within the financial policies’ framework of local authorities in order to boost local economic development and to strengthen the social texture of their communities.

Local authorities together with SMEs, start-ups, no-profits, Chambers of Commerce and entrepreneurial associations, will discuss to verify the possibility of a favourable and innovative ecosystem, the necessary set of technical competences and the crucial steps, for efficient crowdfunding and match-funding implementation.

Different experiences from different countries and organisations will be described and good practices will be available for analysis, donation and implementation.  Special attention will be also given to Innovation, as an indispensable ingredient of change, especially in particularly fertile contexts, and the EU vision on its beneficial widespread introduction and development.

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Addressed participants:

Local authorities and agencies, professionals, advisors/consultants, trainers and educators, academics, entrepreneurs, start-uppers, researchers, no-profit and third sector operators, financial institutions representatives.

Free admittance, limited seats, speeches in English.  Register here before 2 May 2022

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