Crowdfunding platform Goteo and Chamber of Commerce the Seville organise webinar for SMEs seeking finance

So great to see how public authorities and crowdfunding platforms join forces to support SMEs seeking finance! Here are some impressions from a webinar held on october 22. But the Blue Crowdfunding project will offer you many more opportunities to participate!

10.50 h. Attendees connection

11.00 h. Opening

Eduardo Flores

Director International Department - Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and

Navigation of Seville

10.05 h. How to design a crowdfunding campaign

Pre-campaign, campaign and post-campaign concepts

Needs to take into account in each of the previous steps

Dynamics of setting up a crowdfunding campaign

Examples of international campaigns in the blue economy sector

Self-assessment dynamics for a successful crowdfunding campaign

Olivier Schulbaum

Platoniq, Creativity and Democracy

13.00 h. End of the day