BLUE-CF IN TOUR - Vol.1 @Montpellier (France)

Project presentation at the First Annual Assembly of the Blue Growth Community - hold in Montpellier on 4-5/02/2020

The BLUE COMMUNITY under the BLUE GROWTH Programme gathered together!

Within the broader scenario of the BLUE GROWTH Programme, the event is the opportunity to focus on the “Expectations and practical applications of the Blue Growth Community policy recommendations” delineated in the Community’s Policy paper. The activity is part of the common path to build and implement a sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean, strengthening the links between multi-level key actors of blue sectors, while seeking more integration with other Communities to reach cross-cutting results and tackle common challenges.

Within this scenario, crowdfunding might represent a valuable source of funds and opportunities for the blue industry, in which innovation and collaboration play a key role.


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