BLUE crowdfunding Best Practices Catalogue


A children's book that warns about the dangers of Ocean Pollution. This is a project carried out by an individual promoter, and belongs to a series of children's stories "As aventuras da Mia", in which, through a character, the author intends to make children aware of social and environmental problems. In this case, the book aims to sensitize children to the threat of ocean pollution and give clues on how to act and behave to reverse the situation.


Mediterranean Fragility aims at explaining to children the living conditions of refugee families on the other side of the Mediterranean. Through designing a clothing collection, they delivered about their reality, while creating awareness, fostering their solidarity and critical thinking.

In this crowdfunding campaign, they collected funds to support two NGOs active in helping refugees: OPEN ARMS rescue ship and OPEN CULTURAL CENTER in Cherso camp in Greece.


Oyster extraction project that aims to its production capacity to 360 tonnes/year, through an investment in innovative production material and methods of oyster farming. Fundd by a fund of outright grants called MAR2020, in the amount of € 1.07M, the remaining amount will be granted by company's own capital and through crowdlending[1].

[1]Crowdlending is a method based on loans or credits that a company receives from a network of professional, private or institutional investors. The lenders and private investors of crowdlending networks usually invest their personal capital in exchange for an interest negotiated by both parts. It ends up assuming a financing system in which everyone wins.

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The Blue Cage is a documentary with local and international impact, that seeks to give credit and highlight interesting facts from the lives of seamen and of their families, sometimes running in generations that were marked by a seafaring profession. The Blue Cage explains what happens when sailors and ship workers leave their homes and families for several months or even years, thousands of miles away.

For more insights here you can find an interview with the filmmaker, Bruna Bajic.


Jet-propelled, self-inflating and Smart Paddleboard
with an emission- free and barely audible motor and
with innovative design.

On one hand, it is a project that develops clean technology, reduces waste and promotes recycling of materials. On the other hand, the development of ideas related to sport activity and leisure activities find in crowdfunding a space to promote an innovative idea, to pre-sell or to publicize the new product, while enhance the tourism sector.


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The project seeks to provide support to Chios’ Municipal Clinic to tackle the humanitarian crisis and to host thousands of refugees with increased healthcare needs. At the same time, it also seeks to provide health facilities to local residents. The global aim is to strengthen access to health care for the inhabitants of Chios as well as the neighboring islands, such as Oinousses and Psara.

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