Blue Crowdfunding campaigns

Support the shelter for Wildlife

Wildlife Action is the only association in the Central Macedonia that deals with the care of wild animals, especially seabirds. The aim of the campaign is to reach € 30,000 through Goteo platform. Discover more here.


Siwid is a natural and vegan serum produced by the Spanish startup Mediterranean Algae. This product combines the properties of 3 types of algae grown in the Mediterranean Sea, respecting biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions. Its texture favours a better absorption than conventional creams. Click here to know more.


The "Blue Bus" project foresees the involvement of the disable guests of the Oikos Multifunctional Centre in Torre del Greco, managed by the Cooperative ParteNeapolis, in activities aimed at promoting the Sea as the Centre of several experiences in the name of accessibility and social inclusion with an eye to sustainability and care for the environment. Click here to know more.


The local government of Marche Region has launched a Civic Crowdfunding campaign to eliminate polluting elements such as plastics from its seas to improve the ocean's health. The campaign is available on produzionidalbasso.

Navigate in green for a blue future E-BOATS EXPERIENCE

E-Boats experience is an artisan shipyard located on the Levantine coast of Mallorca that builds and rents sustainable and electric boats. The aim of the campaign is to raise € 47,880 through Goteo platform. Discover more here.

Swimwear made with plastics collected from the sea

Gregal EcoDesign is a sustainable fashion project that produces tailored swimsuits with fabric made of nets and plastics extracted from the seabed. The aim of the campaign is to raise € 5,225 through Goteo platform. Discover more here.

GOOD FOR GOOD ACTIVE BIKINI crowdfunding campaign

A multitasking bikini set that answers the demands of a modern active lifestyle and the need for a more sustainable approach to manufacturing fashion. Click here to see the campaign available on Kickstarter.

ECO project- Smart Shipping through Crowdfunding

ECO is a project aiming to provide transparency and advanced data compiling, interpretations and analytics on the effect of maritime traffic. The object of their campaign launched on Goteo is to raise € 50,000. Discover more here.


The “Magic Box” project wishes to spread awareness about the important role played by the Sea in the Mediterranean lifestyle through the involvement of disabled children in activities related to fishing and farming, thus promoting accessibility and social inclusion, as well as sustainability and care for the sea environment. Click here to know more.

AdriBatHic bath salts campaign

AdriBatHic are bath salts made with local ingredient aromas with origin in 4 different flavours with a limited edition series of sea-fennel, a remarkable plant that is incredible to your skin. The campaing launched on KickStarter aim to reach €3,000. Discover more here.

The eco-corridor at Gallikos Delta

Echedorou Physis it's a civil non-profit company that manages to raise € 30,000 through the campaign launched on Goteo, in order to help restoring the 3.5 km path that connects Galikos Delta. Discover more here.


The "Scampia per il mare" project aims to include and integrate via sea care actions 50 at-risk children aged between 8 and 18 years, who will receive a great educational contribution thanks to the realisation of sea-activities aimed at taking care of the coastal environment. Click here to know more.

Culatra's Fish Market

Culatra's Fish Market comes in the context of sustainable fishing and mobility. The Culatra fish market is much more than a project to bring fish and seafood to those who live or visit the island - it is to develop a concept of living more sustainably and in harmony with nature. Discover more here.


LATCHI WIBIT FERRY LTS is aiming to establish an alternative travel way via sea to help in protecting the environment by using Akamas Eco Fast Ferry as a sea taxi. The campaign aims to reach € 15,500 on Goteo platform. Discover more here.

Children's skate park in Krk

We want to build a skatepark that has people coming from all over to skate/scoot and provides an inclusive and fun place for everyone to come and enjoy the activity. The project will create a safe and inclusive community space for youngsters. Click here to know more.


With “iSea” the Association Terra Metelliana aims to protect the marine ecosystem by counteract marine littering, providing the community with an highly technological and innovative solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning for tracking and controlling coastal waters and seaside, contributing to the economic development.  Click here to know more.

Costa Nostrum Sustainable beach

Costa Nostrum provides an innovative dynamic certification standard based on specific indicators and criteria that allows to transform beaches into Sustainable ones. They aim to reach € 22,000 through the campaign launched on GoGetFunding. Discover more here.

rescue the Pozo Amargo medicinal spa

Maria Cristina Todoli Raffin is an expert in International Trade from Sevilla. She wants to rescue the old Pozo Amargo medicinal water spa through a campaign launched on Goteo that aims to raise € 44,056. Discover more here.

Eco-route along the Mediterranean coast

Mi ruta responsable proposes a zero-emissions route by electric car to enhance the visibility of blue economy tourism projects around the Mediterranean coast. The aim of the campaign is to raise € 23,500 through Goteo platform. Discover more here.

Mediterranean Aegean Yacht Festival

Aegean Yacht Festival 2021 aspires to promote the region of the Southern Aegean and Rhodes, as the locomotive of the country’s maritime tourism. The aim of their campaign is to raise € 5,000 up to €25,000 through GoGetFunding platform. Discover more here.


FARO STORY SPOT is a tourist centre of socialisation and knowledge focused on the natural and cultural heritage of the Ria Formosa. The aim of the campaign is to raise € 5,000 through PPL platform. Discover more here.

Aqua Safe Bag

AquaSafe created a waterproof bag that can store your things and potentially save your life while you are enjoying your vacation at the beach. The aim of the campaign is to raise € 100,000 through GoGetFunding platform. Discover more here.