The Blue Crowdfunding-Interreg Med Project aims to improve innovation capacities in blue growth sector by mainstreaming the use of crowdfunding.

The establishment of blue crowdfunding cluster will allow us to mainstream policy solutions for blue crowdfunding on long term and beyond partner regions. This will support institutions, improve capacities and ensure information about new trends of crowdfunding.

Business support institutions across the MED area will be empowered with new knowledge on how to build crowdfunding capacities of their members (SMEs and startups).


This cluster will be led by European Crowdfunding Network and the Chamber of Commerce of SevilleEuropean Crowdfunding Network will have important role in providing information to cluster members about new trends in crowdfunding, while the Chamber of Commerce of Seville will focus more on blue economy topics and services.

The Cluster members will consist of actors from the Blue Sector of the countries of the Mediterranean Area.

Participants who successfully complete the training programme developed by the blue crowdfunding project may be accepted into the cluster.


Link needs and priorities of stakeholders based on development and demands of the blue sector and the crowdfunding industry, creating a strong brand name to increase the benefits of the members.


Increase the economic growth in the Mediterranean area through increasing the knowledge of crowdfunding in the Blue Sector.


Strengthen the networking opportunities between its members related to crowdfunding in the blue economy sector, enhancing cooperation, linkages and internationalization.


The internal communication between the cluster’s members will be established through a LinkedIn group, in which the members will be able to interact and be in contact with each other.

The cluster, its membership, services and the network will remain permanent structures after the project end.

If you are interested in joining the Blue Crowdfunding cluster, please fill out the letter of commitment.