Why & How

BLUE CROWDFUNDING is an Interreg MED Project aiming at spreading information and knowledge about crowdfunding as such and as applied to blue economy, in order to make it more accessible to the stakeholders involved.

As a matter of fact, blue economy innovation in Mediterranean could be significantly improved, if more investment funds would be available. One possible solution is use of Crowdfunding (CF), which wides the financial market also to private investors and non-institutional shareholders. Nonetheless, knowledge and capacities for CF in MED area are still low in comparison to North EU.

To improve the attitude for innovation and the expertise related to alternative finance in blue growth sector, BLUE CROWDFUNDING will deliver capacity-building trainings and good practice exchange by mainstreaming use of crowdfunding. In order to do so, it will benefit from the proved-successful methodology of Interreg Central "CROWD-FUND-PORT" project and Interreg MED "FINMED", carried along by Slovenian LP e-Zavod and PP5 University of Algarve, who were coordinator/partner in those projects.